Dentist charging me $1,000 extra because I am switching dentists mid-Invisalign. Any suggestions?

I am halfway through Invisalign treatment and have recently moved to another state. My dentist is holding my trays and won't send them to me to begin treatment with a new dentist until I pay them $1,000 on top of the original fee I paid in full before beginning treatment. Is this normal? Is this ethical?

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Extra charges

Most dentists are very ethical so my guess is that if the case was to be paid over the course of treatment that you may need to "catch up" on payments before the case is transferred--if this is not the case ask what the extra cost is for. In all honesty it is usually a little more costly for the new dentist to take over treatment rather than transfer it away early as they will need to review the records do their exam and be confident in the plan for you.
I would call and ask--hopefully your present dentist  can clear this up for you. If you are still feeling taken advantage of call the NC dental association and ask for peer review. They can review the situation at no charge and make recommendations to you and the dentist.
Good luck

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