Breast lift or Breast Implants? My breast are saggy and not youthful but I don't want to be bigger because I'm so small. (photo)

20 years old and my breast have dropped since I was younger. I am a very petite/small frame girl 5'4 115 pounds. I am a big B, small C cup currently! With a regular bra on I appear to be big in size but without a bra on my breast are saggy and not youthful. I am okay with the size of my breast and am afraid of being to big if breast implants were the option for me. Would a breast lift alone give me my desired look? Do I need a breast lift and implants? Would a implant alone fill out my breast?

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Breast lift or Breast Implants? My breast are saggy and not youthful but I don't want to be bigger because I'm so small. (photo)

Thank you very much for your photograph and question. From your photo, it would appear that you have very nice breasts, with some asymmetry, as well as a low-set breast on the left, as compared to the right. To achieve the look that I believe you are hoping for, you will need to have a breast lift. If you want upper pole fullness (in the upper ½ of the breast) to remain long term, you will need a very small implant to be placed– something in the range of 120-150cc. This will not make your breasts significantly larger, but will keep the upper pole fullness, which most women desire. I recommend that you schedule a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon, at which time you can have these procedures described to you, along with the pros and cons. You will also be able to try on implant sizers under a sheer bra, to decide on the best size implant for your physical proportions.

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Breast lift

A breast lift will bring the position of the nipple up and improve the saggy look that you don't like.  You may appear a little smaller after the procedure due to the removal of skin and repositioning of the breast tissue.  I don't think an implant alone is going to give you the look you desire, especially since you don't want to be larger.  I would recommend a visit with a board certified plastic surgeon who can go over in more detail the procedures you are considering and your surgical options.

Camille Cash, MD
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Breast Lift or Breast Implants?

Hi Kori, thank you for sharing your question and photos. Although pictures are a great way for everyone to understand concerns, it is much easier to tell what procedures would be most beneficial and give you the aesthetic you desire with an in-person evaluation. Based on the photos you provided, it looks like you would benefit from a breast lift and should you wish to have more fullness or volume then we would recommend a smooth implant. You mentioned you were happy with your size and did not necessarily want to be any bigger. Breast procedures are one of the most common and patient pleasing procedures at my office and we would love to answer any more questions you might have. I wish you all the best in your aesthetic journey.

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Breast lift or implants

If you just desire more perkier breast than a breast lift would work. But it may cause your breast to be slightly smaller due to removal of skin. Skin also plays into the factor in filling up your bra. I would place a small implant  and remove a small amount of breast tissue from your lower pole to prevent lower pole fullness

Deborah Sillins, MD
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Breast lift or Breast Implants?

Hi Kori1234,

Since your breasts are sagging quite significantly you would probably benefit most from a bilateral mastopexy (breast lift). In order to fill out the upper pole of your breast with an implant alone, you’d need to use quite a large implant and this would increase your breast size substantially. It looks as though you have adequate breast tissue now to perform a breast lift and achieve a good result without compromising on your current size. I would advise seeing a highly experienced plastic surgeon to get their expert opinion.

All the best,

Craig Rubinstein, MBBS
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Breast lift or breast implants?

Since you are happy with your volume in a bra, I would recommend a breast lift only. An implant can always be added later if you decide you want to be a little larger. However, if you want upper breast fulness, then you should consider an implant with the lift. Good luck!

Keith Hodge, MD
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Lift vs both aug + lift

A personal consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon should help with your dilemma. Based on your photos a lift is likely needed. I find patients in your situation usually decide on both an augment and lift to achieve their goal. Many patients also find the 3-D photo analysis (VECTRA) extremely beneficial in simulating these results. Best of luck.

Matthew Blanton, MD
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Breast lift?

If you like you volume, a breast lift may be all you need. If you want more volume, then you will need an implant with a  lift.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast lift or Breast Implants? My breast are saggy and not youthful but I don't want to be bigger because I'm so small

A breast lift will not make you any larger but will reshape the breast. If you are happy in a bra, then an implant is not needed. You have to understand that that cleavage is only achieved when in a bra. Large breasted women without implants do not have cleavage without a bra. Cleavage without a bra implies breast implants, is not a natural look, and in many cases there is a capsular contracture that is making them look too round.

Julio Garcia, MD
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Breast lift or Breast Implants? My breast are saggy and not youthful but I don't want to be bigger because I'm so small. (photo)

If you are ok with the size of your breasts, and you want a perkier look, then the best procedure for you may be addition-subtraction surgery. What this means is adding an implant (because there are certain things only an implant can give, like good cleavage), and also removing some breast tissue at the same time (if you add an implant for the reason of cleavage, but you don't want larger breasts, then you must by definition remove some tissue). 

Things you should spend some time considering before your consult with a board certified PS:

Are you ok with the scars associated with a breast lift?

Have you thought about children and/or breastfeeding?

How committed are you to the current size of your are you ok going a little bigger (a full cup for example)?

The basic ideas are:

 -if you want a lifted breast, you won't be able to achieve that with just an implant
 -if you want good cleavage, you won't be able to achieve that with just a lift

Going into your consult knowing what it is you want will make your experience a good one!!

Hope that helps,

Christopher D. Knotts, MD, FACS
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