African American Post Co2 Fractional. Can I Use Tretinoin & Blender?

I am african american and had co2 fractional laser 5 days ago. I was told that it will peel (slough) off in about 10 days, but it actually started peeling on day 3 and now I'm completely peeled. I was told to restart the OBAGI tretinoin 0.1% and blender 4% 5 days after being peeled. Is it safe to do? (Taking into account Im only 5 days and not 10 days post laser) I have lots of acne that has come up since using the cicalfate healing cream.

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Resuming Obagi

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Honestly, I would wait a little longer - 5 days post CO2 fractional resurfacing is a little early to start active creams.  I suspect your physician is worried about PIH (pigmentation issues).  I usually recommend 12-14 days before starting.

Tretinoin post CO2

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 Although it is understandable to want to return to your routine in skincare as soon as possible, it is my recommendation after CO2 resurfacing, that you wait at least 10 days to two weeks before using these types of products. You should allow your skin the recommended amount of recovery time to heal after this treatment.

Sometimes, in certain patients, treating your skin aggressively after laser can result in sensitized, reactive skin rather than the smoother more uniform result that most people are trying to achieve with this laser. 

Evan Manolis, MD
Orland Park Plastic Surgeon

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