Will this go away? Or is additional surgery required? (photo)

I got my breast augmentation 3 months ago and I am very worried about the way my nipples look, I have tubular breasts and wanted to get that fixed so my doctor did a peri areole mastopexy and he said he would un constrict my nipples but they still have that weird tubular look to them, my question is will this need additional surgery for them to not be so puffy? And the pleating as I think is the right term were it doesn't lay flat with my boob go away? Thank you

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tuberous breast: areola breast tissue herniation

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These are not the best clinical photos.  All that is shown is the nipple areolar complex, and not much of the breast itself.  Good clinical photos help plastic surgeons make clinical decisions, but a physical examination and history are necessary for any real advice.  Tuberous breast presents with various severity, shapes and sizes but is defined by a constricted inferior breast pole that often leads to breast tissue herniation into and through the areola - creating a bulge - similar to what you are complaining about.  Sometimes postoperative swelling can cause the breast tissue to push through, or herniate in a similar fashion.  Frequently, this resolves over the first couple of months.  Still, postoperative breasts further soften as deep scar tissue settles and implants drop.  I try to make patients wait 6 months or more before surgical revision.  Even if a revision is surely needed, a more exact and accurate revision procedure can be performed once scars have settled and scar tissue has softened/matured.  It really takes over a year for scars to mature, but sometimes an early revision is warranted.  Releasing the inferior pole of the breast further by surgically scoring it can help improve this.   Sometimes, for severe cases, a staged technique using a tissue expander can be best.   I typically do an Interlocking Gortex Suture with my circum-areolar approaches - as I also feel that this helps prevent areolar breast tissue herniation.  Be sure to see an ABPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for any revision surgery of the breast.  

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Tuberous breasts

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Since it is too early to perform a surgical revision I think that you will need to wait a few more months before deciding exactly what would need to be done. Part of the question to be answered is how 'puffy' were your nipples before surgery and how much of what you are noticing now is due to swelling which will improve over time.  AS it is only 3 months following your surgery there is time for the pleating to improve too.  Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon so that you both can monitor your progress and decide whether a revision will be needed.

Isaac Starker, MD
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Will this go away

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This is a difficult answer to give at this early point in your post-op period. I would recommend waiting a full 6 months to see how things settle in. IF at 6 months things still look the same, it is likely time for a revision.

Limited photo

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It certainly looks like in the photo that you may need a revision of that. But is also may be a bit of swelling that is still persisting after surgery. You may want to give it a full 6 months to settle from the time you and surgery.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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