9 Days Post Op BA - Fluid on left breast?

9 days PO 320 cc silicone implants. My right breast has dropped & swelling is minimal. Left breast is higher, swollen, & red in 1 spot (the outside). I had my 1 wk PO appt yesterday. He said he saw some swelling & felt some fluid, but did not seem concerned. He gave me 7 more days of antibiotics to be safe. If it is an infection, is it possible/likely that the antibiotic will resolve the issue w/o more surgery? Also the swelling & redness are minimal in the morning. Overuse?

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Breast augmentation

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First, at 9 days out swelling is normal. If you have redness that is a different story and you should follow closely with your surgeon. Best of luck.

9 days postop BA

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Based on your description, it is wise to be evaluated and closely followed by your surgeon. I recommend that your continue your antibiotics until they are done, and return to your physician's office on Monday if you are still concerned.

Regarding the over-use question, at 9 days you should be engaging in minimal physical activity. I typically advise my patients to delay any cardio for 2-3 weeks, and then no upper body resistance exercises (i.e., weights) for another 2-3 weeks after that.

Best of luck!

Redness of the breast

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The symptoms you relay all require an in person examination.  A small amount of fluid around the implant can be normal, but usually there is minimal to none. Redness 9 days after a BA is unusual, but if it comes and goes it is hard to say what it is caused by.  If it is an infection around the implant, antibiotics usually do not resolve this problem, but then again an infection around the implant is very uncommon.  Obviously follow your own surgeon's advice over ours.

Eric Mariotti, MD
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

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