Dentist wants to resin bond every tooth are there other options? Whitening/filling? Fill All? (photos)

Went to cosmetic dentist, booked appointment for x-rays/front tooth restoration. Dentist didn't explain nothing to me, says "concern about your molar, get that fixed first". He walks out and I say what about my front teeth? "No problem, we can fix it"(front teeth are worse I think) got sheet showing resin filling for every tooth(smile makeover). Do I need resin on all to get white teeth?Will shave lots of teeth?If whiten, then fill "needed teeth" to prevent shaving? Going to get invisalign too

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Resin bonding rarely satisfactory

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Most people when desiring a new smile, envision what is accomplished with porcelain veneers.  While some will try "bonding" (the verb for attaching resin to the tooth), the vast majority of the cases do not turn out as patients hoped/expected.

Porcelain veneers will give the greatest satisfaction.

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