Raised Scar Removal? (photo)

When I was 18 I got jumped by a gang and the cut me. From those cuts i have gotten raised scars, on my back & chest. Its very hard for me to go day by day hiding my scars and i really want something effective to remove them COMPLETELY. The photo im attaching is of my chest scars. the raised scars on my back i cant get a photo of. but there straight scars unlike the ones on my chest. I could really use the help!

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Large and thick scars on the chest and back

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Raised and thick scars on the back and chest can be treated with judicious IIT plus pulsed dye laser and fractional co2 laser to resurface the skin and reduce redness.  This strategy will achieve great results.

Raised Scar Removal?

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Sorry for your experience. Best to be seen in person by a boarded PSs in your city to be evaluated for scar revision or injections of steroids to scars. 

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