Raised and Red Scar from Abscess on Chin? (photo)

One month ago, I had an abscess on my chin caused by cellulitis. I took antibiotics and the doctor laced and drained it. The infection is gone and hasn't returned. I am now left with a painless, red lump. It is like an acne cyst but it isn't inflamed. Facial hair isn't growing as thick in the area anymore. I have massaged it over the past few weeks with vaseline and it is not as raised as before. I have appointments with a few plastic surgeons but I want to get as many opinions as I can.

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Scar Revision or Sebaceous Cyst Removal

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Thank you for the question and your photos. It looks like you may have had a sebaceous cyst, which became infected. Even after the infection resolves, there can be changes to the color, texture, and hair growth in the area. This will generally improve over time. However, if some part of the cyst remains, or there is a thickened or red scar, this can be removed surgically. This is a minor procedure that I do in the office with local anesthesia. You should see a local facial surgery specialist to see if you are a candidate for treatment. Best of luck!

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