Can You Raise the Base of the Nose Above the Philtrum if the Nose is Very Long?

I have a very long nose which i feel is far too big, i feel that tip rotation would be very limited in reducing the vertical length of my nose. are there any other options that could make a significant difference to my nose in terms of vertical length? Thank You

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Shortening a long nose

The nose can be turned up and de-projected through a rhinoplasty operation.  Tilting the nose up will decrease the length of the nose.  It is also important to address the depressor septi ligament if present which makes the tip droop upon smiling.

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Shotening the length of nose

Hi,I feel that on a long face like yours long nose is a perfect match ,however the extra length part can be corrected by removing some of the distal edge of the septum in addition to rip rotation which it should be good enough.You must not shorten your nose substantially since it may not gel with rest of your face.Wishing you all the best.

Can a long nose be shortened?

Hi there,

In a word:  Yes.  A long nose can be shortened as much as necessary, it's easy to do. Tip rotation is one thing.  The anterior nasal spine can be reduced.  The entire tip complex can be "slid up" over the lower septum.

However:  Shortening your nose is not as simple as that.  You are a good looking man.  But you have a long face, not a long nose.  Facial and cephalometric analysis will reveal that your midface is the main component of your facial length.  Your nasal length needs to be seen in that context.  Shortening your nose by itself will make your midface appear to be longer.

My advice:  If you feel that you agree your midface is long, and this is something you would like advice about, then you must go to the right person. Treating the nose without considering your facial length will be a potential appearance disaster.

The person I'd recommend you go to for advice ( you're in the UK, right??) is Mr Barry Jones.  He does mainly facial surgery, but he has a paediatric craniofacial background, and is an excellent surgeon.

Good luck, all the best.

Rhinoplasty for the long nose.

Rhinoplasty  for the long nose is done by shortening the nose and tip rotation. The nose can be shortened without tip rotation by removing the caudal end of the septum. Some patients like you may require both. I need better photos. 

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