Please tell how melasma can be cured. (photo)

I am use melaglow,hadroqune cream,its not working

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An examination with a UV lamp would better differentiate the type of discoloration you have.  Depending on the source and depth, a combination of IPL and 1064 Q-switched laser might benefit you.  

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How to Address Melasma

If you are certain that the diagnosis is melasma and not something else, then you must understand there is a treatment but not a CURE! Just like insulin doesn't cure diabetes and high blood pressure meds do not make normal pressure permanently!

I don't use hydroquinone for several reasons but mainly because it does not work.

Find a doctor who can recommend a combination of products like Lytera and or NDYag 1064 laser .If you are not married to daily sunscreen use, then you will be wasting your time and money.

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