What will make my smile appear fuller? (Photo)

Hi, I would like for my teeth to be larger. I feel that my teeth do not fill my mouth the way I would like. I have included a picture beneath. Should I opt for Verneers or invisalign?

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Invisalign would be an excellent choice

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You have beautiful teeth with minor positioning issues. I use a technique with Invisalign to expand the arches and "Broaden" the smile. This works great to give patients that fuller smile that so many desire. It sounds like that is what you want and this would be a great treatment option for you.  I do not think veneers, even no-prep conservative thin veneers, are a good option for you since your teeth are so nice in their current, natural state.

Douglas Jopling, DDS

Invisalign. Cross bite

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Dear MeganAlexiJordan:

The ONLY treatment that you should consider is orthodontic and Invisalign is a great choice.  Your teeth are well proportioned and the color is beautiful.  You are somewhat crowded on the bottom and the upper teeth are a bit too far "in".  This can be readily corrected with porper orthodontic treatment by an orthodontist or a dentist that can provide you the Invisalign service.

Veneering your teeth will commit you to repeating the procedure several years down the line costing you a fortune, in addition, your teeth will appear too big for your mouth.  As a prosthodontist, I see plenty of people in their 50's who have to have extensive dentistry done to repair work that started as "cosmetic veneers" and they wish that they had left their teeth alone.  Do not make that mistake.

Please consult with an orthodontist in your area.

Best of luck,

Veneers Vs Invisalign

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Hi Megan,

Porcelain veneers are an excellent option for making your teeth larger! Made in a few weeks, these thin shells of porcelain are permanently bonded to the front of your teeth. Veneers which are made in a few weeks, can also be used to broaden and whiten your smile. Invisalign will take over a year to complete, and wont make your teeth larger. You will also have to wear retainers for the rest of your life or the teeth can move back. Based of your pictures, I would recommend placing 10 veneers on your upper teeth and whitening you lowers.

Michael D. Kosdon, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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Fuller Smile

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Based on the photograph, it looks like your teeth are slightly crowded and rotated. Invisalign would be a great option for you. The way to create room for your teeth to be straight is by moving them outward. Not only your front teeth would move, but your back ones as well. That way you would not only have straight teeth, but also a widened smile, which is what you want! If you have any further questions, let me know!

Veneers for a fuller smile #DrSoftTouch

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You appear to be a great candidate for veneers. Veneers would be used to give you a broader, whiter smile. I would recommend 10 porcelain veneers across the top for the best result. I'll include a link to a photo of a patient or mine who's case was pretty similar to yours. Eight porcelain veneers completely changed her smile. I hope this helps.  You can click on save below my name if you think you may have some follow up questions of me.

Invisalign vs Porcelain veners

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Hello Megan thanks for the question. I cannot see clearly in the picture how you bite (If you have a correct occlusion) but it looks like you quilify for porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are a really good option for you because it can make your teeth longuer and whitened. Invisalign could help you correcting the alignment of your teeth. 

Yocasta Caba, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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