Will I need further surgery for breast that seems larger? (Photo)

I am just 1 week post op and my surgeon is saying I will prob need further surgery next week, she says one implant position is looking too high and has sent me home wearing a band, it has now dropped already but is now lower than my right one, but all the advice I am reading from doctors to women who are saying one breast is larger than the other, is to be patient, it takes a while for the implants to settle, etc should I be having further surgery so soon? Shouldn't I be waiting 3-6 months?

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Waiting is better

Assuming that a blood collection called hematoma, is not at play making one larger, then waiting at least a month or so seems prudent to me to rule out swelling as being causative in the asymmetry that we see. As far as position of the implant goes, I can't imagine going back at two weeks unless the implant was seen to be way too low as that usually will not correct on its own. Best to follow the advice of your plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

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