Radiofrequency for Reducing Jaw Muscle

I was told that by using Radiofrequency (RF), it can reduce the muscles around the jaw for a more slimmer look. It's similar to using botox in the jaw area for a more slimmer look, except this would be permanent. Is there any side-effects short or long term that I should be aware of? I'm not sure if this is a common procedure or if I'll regret it in 10-20 years. The results looked great though, for those with a square-ish jaw caused by muscles rather than bone structure.

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We don't know the long term side effects of this procedure.

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This method has only been used for a relatively short period of time.  Certainly this is much more invasive than the BOTOX treatment.  I personally have concerns about this method.  It is possible to have permanent nerve damage and damage to the parotid duct in perform the treatment.  Because the method has the power to permanently damage the masseter muscle it is likely that this method will have long term unanticipated consequences.

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