I Had Radiofrequency Under Neck ($1000.00) and my Doctor Says It Takes Months to See Results (Still Puffy/swollen)?

I had rf under my neck in conjunction with a mini neck lift. My doctor says that it will take months to see results but I've read on sites that results are immediate. He "raved" about radio frequency prior and seems much more complacent in terms of seeing results immediately now. Thanks for your opinion.

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RF treatment for sagging skin

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RF(radiofrequency) treatment can be used for resurfacing skin as well as deeper tightening of collagen based on the system being used.  For skin tightening I always like to compare RF to how a microwave oven causes bacon to shrink when the power is on.  So you should see some improvement almost immediately and then some subtle additional improvment over the next several months.   RF improvment is never dramatic and  simply doesn't work on patients with full heavy faces.  It does not lift skin.   It offers subtle improvement in overall laxity and fine lines, so watch the promises and hyperbole offered by office where it sounds too good to be true.

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