Would Radiofrequency Ablation or Supraorbital/supratrochlear Block Alleviate Exreme Scalp Tightness/squeezing?

I had a dual plane eyebrow lift in July of 2010, and my life has turned upside-down because of the suffering I"ve endured. I had my plastic surgeon inject Kenolog into the two stitches that seem to be causing this pulling, tightness, squeezing. He wants to remove those stitches, but various doctors suggested I kill those nerves without invasive procedures. Hence my heading question. Please help, I am very despondent. I have seen 2 neurologists and they didn't have any answers. Help, I'm desperate.

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Problems after brow lift

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a way to start would be lidocaine injections to see where and how to get some relief..  i am also curious about the details of "dual plane " lift

areas identified with lidocaine can be treatemt with repeat injections., steroids or 5fu..

ultimate last ditch effort may be surgery

radiofreq may be of use if injections work temporarily

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