Can Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo (RFAL) Work on the Thighs and Abdomen for Someone Who Does Not Have a Lot of Fat to Lose?

I am 55, 4' 11" and weigh about 114. I've worked out most of my life and stayed around 108 lbs, even had a six-pack until about a year ago when I began putting on that additional 6 lbs I can't seem to lose, a good deal of it around my middle. I've got some loose skin, cellulite and a thin layer of fat on my thighs. I've had lipo but believe it made the cellulite worse. Could this RFAL work for me?

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RFAL Lipo for Thighs and Abdomen

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Thank you for your question. Lipo does not make cellulite better, typically. It only stays the same or gets worse. Rarely does it get better, and then only in a few, very few circumstances. Cellulite can be helped with devices external, temporarily, and internally with the Cynosure Cellulaze, and the Sound Surgical Ultrasound device. Both have to pass the test of time though, and determine just how long the benefit is for the treatments. I hope this helps.


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Having vaser liposuction is a good solution. It gets rid of fat pockets that working out can't. Vaser liposuction is the newest technology for liposuction.

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