Will Radiesse Work for Nipple Augmentation?

I had donut mastopexy, areola reduction with implants 6 years ago. I was not warned that I could end up with flat areolas and flat non-protruding nipples which I did. I am very self conscious about them and would never have done the procedure had I known this would happen. I had perfect nipples before but the areola area was larger than desired. I have heard that Radiesse is being used as a filler for this disfigurement. Do you know of any Dr's that are doing this procedure? I live near Denver.

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Will Radiesse Work for Nipple Augmentation?

The short answer is - Yes, Radiesse has been used as an off-label filler to increase nipple projection. However, I am not sure that doing so is the answer in your case.

You appear to have significant flattening of the nipple as may be seen when the nerve supply to the erectile muscles of the nipple are affected. In cases such as yours, a formal nipple reconstruction using local flaps and maybe additional grafting may be indicated. Since you live near Denver, you may want to consult Plastic surgeons who specialize in breast reconstruction.

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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