White Eyebags from Radiesse

I have white glowing bags under my eyes from Radiesse. Will it go away when Radiesse dissipates? It's very unnatural looking and cannot be covered with any makeup.

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Radiesse to the Tear Trough

Hi Abby

This is a difficult problem as Radiesse is long lasting. Your options are to wait for it to dissapate or to have the area surgically opened and the Radiesse excised. The latter option is not ideal because of the visble scar and the possibility that not all the Radiesse can be removed.

You could also meet with a professional makeup artist and see if they have any ideas as they can hide lots of blemishes on the face.

Good luck.

Tucson Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Radiesse to the Tear Trough


Tear trough filling treatment has been frustrating until the introduction of hyaluronic acid fillers. Because of the thin skin imperfections in the filler or healing process can readily be transmitted to the outside. As such, fat grafts in the area are not always reliable and may result in visible clumping requiring surgical removal. Radiesse, a thick,long-lasting filler made of hydroxyapatite, a white substance, which in many cases can be felt when placed in such locations.

For this reason the company recommends it not be placed in the lips (a soft palpable area) and I would not use it around the lower lid either when Juvederm can do a better job. Speak with your doctor and formulate a plan.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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