How Many Radiesse Treatments Are Usually Needed for Acne?

If there are side effects, how long do they last after radiesse treatments?

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Radiesse and Acne Scars

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As the panel members stated - Radiesse is a cosmetic dermal filler that does not treat the condition of acne.  If you were referring to acne scars - Radiesse is not the best option being that the product is placed in a deeper plane or level. 

For texture improvement of acne scarring, laser and/or smooth gel fillers (ex:  Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane) are good options to improve the landscape or topography of the skin.

The below website profiles these options with before/after photos and numerous blog articles.


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Radiesse treatments for acne

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Radiesse is a filler substance used to restore volume to sunken cheeks, temples,etc. It does NOTHING for the treatment of acne.

If you are talking of acne scars, Radiesse would be the wrong filler.

For a comprehensive list of treatments of acne scars, you can visit my website.

Alwats make sure that you are being treated by an experienced, Board Certified Dermatologiost or PLastic Surgeon.

Eugene Mandrea, MD
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Radiesse is not used to treat acne

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Radiesse is a volumizing facial filler. It is not used for acne treatment. Radiesse works below your skin's surface to stimulate the production of your own collagen, which replenishes lost facial volume to smooth out the signs of aging.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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