Proper Way to Inject Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injected twice now--once in the nasolabial folds intraorally, as instructed by the Radiesse sales representative in the room. There was absolutely no improvement. I was very disappointed. The second time I had Radiesse was for the marionette lines. My doctor had been trained to inject above the fold to lift the wrinkle. With my deep folds, this absolutely did nothing for me. When I went back the third time (complimentary this time), I insisted that my doctor inject the Radiesse directly into the fold and had a much better result. What is the proper way to inject Radiesse for the best results? Should it be directly done onto the problem area?

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Radiesse Proper Way To Inject

Each injector may have specific nuances which helps him/her limit bruising and swelling and create the impact desired.  Intraoral and Through the Skin are both methods which can be used depending on what needs to be corrected.

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Radiesse injections

Choose an “Expert Injector” (visit to consult with a doctor who you can trust to provide you with solid information. Radiesse is great for above and over the cheek bones.

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Radiesse injection techniques

There are several ways to properly inject Radiesse depending on the area and desired result. I do not like the intraoral approach and always prefer to inject through the skin. Injections for augmentation are generally deeper and often are just on top the bone such as in cheekbone, tear trough, jawline or chin. Injection directly beneath the wrinkle will lift and smooth the lines.

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Proper Way to Inject Radiesse

The right way to inject Radiesse is that way that allows your injector to give you the best result. There are several ways to approach wrinkles and I have had success with a couple different techniques.  My preferred method when approaching a deep line is to inject Radiesse through the skin and into the immediate subdermal plane.  In addition, cross-hatching perpendicularly is sometimes necessary for very deep, stubborn lines.

I find that transoral injections are more difficult to get the desired result, and they also often leave the patient with lumps they can feel on the inside of their cheek.

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How should Radiesse be injected.

You should find a doctor who would listen to you. Only kidding. I thought it was funny that you got the best results when you told the doctor how to do it.

The truth is that it all makes a lot of sense. That is why a lay person could understand something that some professionals don't.

Having said that, it really depends where the product is being injected. For deep injections one can go through the mouth or the nose. For sub dermal injection where precise placement is most important it is better to go through the skin.

Farhad Rafizadeh, MD
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Radiesse; Better to be Injected Through the Mouth or Directly Through the Skin?

Hi Dilee,

Some physicians get good results injecting Radiesse intra-orally, others from injecting through the skin. It depends on the individual doc.

I have treated patients using both methods and find that I personally get better results and have more control of the product placement by injecting through the skin.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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