How to Fix Swollen Nose After Radiesse?

I just had Radiesse injected into the top of my nose to fill out a small bump that I had. I got it because I wanted to look perfect on my wedding day.

I dont know if the doctor went way overboard or I have a lot of swelling or both. The area above my nose by my forehead is huge! I am crying hysterically right now. I feel like I just ruined my face! Do you think its ruined, and if so is there anyway to reverse the results in a couple weeks if it is ruined?

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with Radiesse

Hi So Sad,

I am sorry that you are having this complication from the injection of Radiesse at the bridge of your nose. See your injecting physician as soon as possible (who hopefully is a rhinoplasty surgeon, if not ask for a referral to the best in your area).

You may want to discuss a Depo-Medrol injection (80 mg IM) to help decrease swelling and inflammation. You may also discuss taking an antibiotic. In some cases, a small needle may be used to make a small hole to express excess Radiesse from the area (do not do this yourself!).

As difficult as it is, try to stop crying hysterically as crying can only make things more swollen.

In any event you must see a very experienced and well trained rhinoplasty specialist to be evaluated and treated.

I hope that your swelling and redness resolve rapidly.

Dr. P

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