Radiesse on Nose for Someone with Autoimmune Disease?

Can I have nasal reshaping with Radiesse if I have a history of autoimmune disease (relapsing polychondritis) and have gortex in my nose from past Rhinoplasty?

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Radiesse and autoimmune disease

I don't think anyone knows the answer to this. But, autoimmune diseases are extremely common and I have injected a variety of fillers into patients with automimmune disease (and because of the high incidence, probably many of my patients do not know they have an autoimmune disease yet). I have not personally seen a problem from fillers that can be directly linked to an autoimmune disease.

There may even be some truth to the notion that you should get a better response than others because of your body's inflammatory reaction which is what is responsible for the long term persistence of many fillers. You should ask your rheumotologist, but as I said from the start, I do not think anyone knows because there is no data about this.

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