Just Got Radiesse Done on Nasal Labial Folds and I'm a 1/2 Marathon Runner, How Long Will It Last? Will It Metabolize Quicker?

I just got Radiesse of one syringe on n/l folds and I run 5k's to 1/2 marathons actively, I am afraid that all the money I spent on it will go to waste because it will metabolize faster than a non-runner. I also had marionette lines done with also one Radiesse syringe and one syringe of Restalyne, so total 2 syringes of Radiesse and 1 syringe of Restalyne. I want to keep the look as long as I could, not go away in 2 weeks or 2 months!!!

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Radiesse for a 1/2 marathon runner

For the nasolabial folds, your expectation should be between nine months to a year. Facial strain will break down the product faster but you should be able to get well over 2 months.

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Just Got Radiesse Done on Nasal Labial Folds and I'm a 1/2 Marathon Runner, How Long Will It Last? Will It Metabolize Quicker?

Radiesse is deemed by the manufactures to last approximately 18 months after injected in the nasal labial folds.  Facial animation does break down product faster but Radiesse does last longer than most of their competitors.

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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Fillers and Exercise - does it make it go away faster?

I have not found that people who exercise more (or less) have their fillers affected in any way, as the lasting affect of fillers isn't correlated to your metabolic rate. No fillers should go away within 2 weeks, and 2 months would also be very surprising. It has been determined that the average for fillers to last is 6-9 months for Restylane, and 9-12 months for Radiesse, but that's not based on metabolic rate changes, so I think your active exercise routine will be just fine to continue and not affect the longevity of your facial fillers.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Neither of these products are going away in 2 weeks or 2 months.

While there is no scientific study to support the notion that certain very physically active individual "metabolize" their fillers faster than less physically active individuals, long distance runners in particular are tough on their faces.  When first brought to market, the manufacture of Radiesse claimed that the product would last 5-8 years.  Clinical experience suggests that this material disappears much faster than this.   The less-than-a -year time frame is a reasonable good faith estimate, but your mileage may vary.  For the Restylane, company literature initially suggested a longevity of 6 months.  However, the product lasts much longer than this with some variation depending on which part of the face we are talking about.  For example, many of my patients who have had under eye filler with Restylane have beneficial effects that have lasted two years.  I personally do not like Radiesse.  While it does have a reasonable track record, it cannot be removed or erased like hyaluronic acid fillers which can be infinitely modified with a simple injection of enzyme at any point after treatment if there is an issue.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Radiesse should not go away sooner with exercise

Radiesse and other dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm should not be affected by exercise level. It isn't the overall metabolic rate that determines the duration of effect.

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How Long will my Radiesse and Restylane Last?

Hello.  We have not found any correlation between the amount of physical activity our patients undertake and how long their injections last.  That does not mean that a correlation does not exist, just that we have not seen this in practice.

Our expectations for Restylane are generally in the 6 month range and for Radiesse in the 9-12 month range.  If your product disappears in 2 weeks or 2 months, we would be very concerned and would schedule a checkup with your injector.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Radiesse and Runners

Although it is possible that it may metabolize a bit faster with frequent facial movement it should still last more than the 2 months.
Our practice has many runners that do well with fillers. An alternative is to consider fat transfer - see below link for details.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Just Got Radiesse Done on Nasal Labial Folds, How Long Will It Last?

Your body will not metabolize fillers in 2 weeks-2 months if you are or aren't a runner, typically Radiesse will last 9-12 months and Restylane would last 6-9 months. 

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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