Can Radiesse Migrate from the Jaw to the Neck After 8 Months?

I had radiesse injected in to my jaw line, and chin. I got 2 knots on either sides of my chin. The left side much worse than right. It has been 8 months, I still have the knot on the left side. The right is going down. However, in the past 48 hours, The Radiesse has melted out of my right jaw line. my neck looks, and feels swollen, puffy. My left side still has the radiesse, But! I still have that Knot on the chin too. A Plastic Surgeon injected the Radiesse. Ever heard of this happening??

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Radiesse and lumps and spread

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I am not aware of patients having the reaction you describe, especially, not developing an overnight phenomenon more than a half year after the treatment. Was there manipulation of the lump by you or a physician prior to the "spread" to the neck" Did you get a secondary infection and is there an enlargement of the neck lymph gland. You should be evaluated by your surgeon.

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Radiesse Migrating

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I have not had the experience of Radiesse migrating after injection.  Also, for a dramatic change over 48 hours 8 months after the injection, it sounds like something else is going on.  Fillers, especially Radiesse, do not just disappear over 48 hours.  I would suggest seeing your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  Good luck.

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