What to Do About Radiesse Lumps?

What can I do for radiesse lumps showing through my skin?

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Radiesse lumps

Lumpiness with Radiesse is difficult to treat unless you are within several days of injection when the product is molding.  If inflammation is a part of the process then corticosteroids may help.  It is common for patients to complain of lumps that are deep and are not seen, but can be felt.  I find that lumps are very rare when used in the deep plane in a liquid facelift to augment cheekbones and recontour the zygoma.

Bumps sometimes occur in the marionette area and rarely in the nasolabial folds and may be from strong muscles in the area used to talk and eat in the days after the procedure while the product is molding.  Although the product does wear off, it can take years although your tissue tends to mold around the product in a way that the bumps are less noticeable over time.

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Radiesse lumps

You would need to first contact your doctor who did the injections to see what they conclude. It is not possible to guess at the best treatment without examining you. Some lumps might be injected with fluid to break them apart or corticosteroid, but there are risks. Others need to be excised but that may leave a visible scar.

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