Radiesse Lip Nodule Removal

I know better now, but in 94 I had Radiesse injected into my lips. As a result I now have a hard, white pea sized nodule in my upper lip. My questions; Are there any qualified Doctors in the Chicagoland area that have successfully removed such bumps? Also, will it keep getting bigger if left alone? Any additional info is appreciated Im not looking to be lectured for having Radiesse injections in my lips. I trusted my Doctors opinion and I thought I was good idea at the time. Thank you

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Radiesse nodule in the lip

such Radiesse nodules may have to be excised this many years after treatment.  Initially, there might have been a chance in injecting the nodule with sterile saline under pressure to break it up into finer fragments, but surgical removal is the more effective way. Certainly, there will be a surgical scar, but often on the lips, there is such a hard-to-see line resulting as a scar after excision of a nodule becuase the surface of the lip or mucosa doesn't need to be excised. Any plastic surgeon or dermatologic surgeon can consult with you.

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Best Treatment for Radiesse Nodules in Lips in Chicago

Hi Pam,

No lectures, just the facts Mam, I mean Pam.  Steven Dayan, MD or his cousin Otto Placik, MD, or John Kotis, MD in Chicago should be able to help you.  Usually they don't take any lip from their patients, but in your case I'm sure that they will make any exception.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Radiesse nodule

There are many excellent injectors in Chicago, and I'm sure quite a few of them have successfully dealt with this complication. Personally, I would contact some offices of facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, or dermatologists who emphasize injectables in their practice.

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
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Lip nodule years after Radiesse injection needs an evaluation

Actually at that time, doctors didn't know that lips are not the area to inject Radiesse.  And besides that what good will a lecture to a patient who did indeed trust her doctors do now, 17 years afterwards.

Radiesse dissolves completely after one year.  It's true that granulomas can form years after the injection, but even those eventually dissolve in most cases.

It is worrisome that the nodule is persisting.  I suggest an evaluation by a board certified dermatologist as soon as possible to determine the nature of the nodule.  Squamous cell carcinomas of the lip, for example, can also look like hard whitish nodules. 

Emily Altman, MD
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Nodule in lip after injection

Yes, Radiesse is meant to be injected into fatty tissue and there is no such fat layer within the lip, so radiesse is not for lip injections.  A nodule can be from Radiesse accumulation but should be long gone from 1994.  I think you should see a weel known Dermatologist or Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon for evaluation of this nodule/mass ASAP.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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See a dermatologist or plastic surgeon

I agree with the others. This may or may not have been caused by Radiesse. Although there should be none of that there any longer there can be a nodule that was formed because of the injection or this can be unrelated. See your dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Lips are very forgiving and a well done surgical procedure should leave you with little to no scarring so do not be afraid to take care of this. 

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There are many causes of lip nodules beside Radiesse

Keep in mind there are many causes of lip nodules beside Radiesse. Cysts as well as many benign or malignant growths can cause nodules in the lip. You need a good examination and evaluation, as well as most likely a biopsy and/or or surgical removal to determine its cause. There are many good dermatologic surgeons to choose from in the Chicago area.

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Radiesse Lip Nodule Removal

Injecting powdered sea coral into an area as sensitive as the lip was obviously not the way to go. But - there is no point in going over that. A good Plastic surgeon should be able to remove the nodule. Chicago has many good Plastic surgeons but all of us on this forum are familiar with Dr. Otto Placik and feel he would be a great choice for you.

Good Luck.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

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Radiesse Lip Nodule Removal

Any surgeon can remove this cystic nodule. In C-town call Dr Otto Placik, a poster here on Real Self. Radeisse can cause retained nodules. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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