Radiesse Injected over Juvederm?

I had juvederm for nasolabial folds, and wasn't too happy with the results. It was a little puffy and I can still see the injection some. The plastic surgeon also didn't inject the upper area right around the nose to check area. It now looks like the nasolabial area is getting worse again, but I still feel the juvederm when I touch the area, even though it was 11 months ago. I was wondering if I could get radiesse over the area now, since I'm not willing to do juvederm again.

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Radiesse over Juvederm

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You have a few options for dealing with those troublesome nasolabial folds and the Juvederm.  First, if you have any question that there is still Juvederm in the NL fold area it is easy to dissolve it with hyaluronidase and start again with a clean slate.  If you choose to dissolve it or not, it is still safe to inject Radiesse into the area because Radiesse and Juvederm are generally injected into different planes and even if they were to 'co-mingle' they wouldn't effect or interact with one another. 


Dr. Grant Stevens            

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Radiesse vs Juvederm

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I almost always advise my patients to have Radiesse, NOT Juvederm, injected into the nasolabial folds.

Because Radiesse is injected in a deeper plane than Juvederm (below the skin):

1. Radiesse gives a more natural appearance.

2. Radiesse lasts much longer.

3. Radiesse comes in a syringe that is almost twice the size of a Juvederm syringe so it is much less expensive in my office to treat this area with Radiesse (one syringe instead of two).

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Radiesse Injections to Correct Juvederm

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Hi JFKnight.  It is fine to consider injecting Radiesse in the same area as you have had Juvederm especially since it's 11 months later and because the Radiesse is placed deeper in the skin than Juvederm.

In our practice it is rare to see Juvederm last 11 months in the nasolabial area.  Usually it's 6-9 months, whereas Radiesse is about 9-12.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You can get Radiesse in a place that was previously injected with Juvederm without having a problem.

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You can get Radiesse in a place that was previously injected with Juvederm without having a problem.

Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Yes you can

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There are several issues to consider here.  First if you are unhappy with the juvederm and it is bothersome or visible then you can have it removed or dissolved.  There is an injection that can dissolve the juvederm.  next, radiesse is an alternative for injecting in these areas.  It is a different type of filler, calcium hydroxylappetite. It is injected deeper in the skin tissues but is great for the NLFs.  Typically, Radiesse will last about 9-12 months and occasionally longer.

Edgar Franklin Fincher, MD, PhD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

Radiesse for smile folds even though Juvederm was injected a year ago

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Yes you can have Radiesse injected but it usually is injected slightly underneath the plane in which Juvederm is injected.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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You may change filler, but it may be better to change the FILLER

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Juvederm and Radiesse are both safe and effective dermal fillers when injected in the right plane, and when enough is injected. If either is injected too deeply or in insufficient amounts, the result can be sub-optimal and if too superficial or too muchis injected, lumping can be noticed (more so with Radiesse than Juvederm, so I am concerned to have you switch now). I recommend you get a second opinion and discuss the situation before proceeding with more filler.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
5.0 out of 5 stars 18 reviews

Mixing Wrinkle Fillers : Juvederm and Radiesse

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A a general comment for your consideration, not all wrinkles can be treated and erased with fillers. Your nose to mouth lines MAY not have smoothed with Juvederm because they may have been too deep. If this is the case, Radiesse may not have much greater success. On the other hand, if this is not the case, Radiesse is a thicker filler which is a better supporter and plumper of the nasolabial lines. It definitely can be used in an area previously injected with Juvederm. Make sure you are treated by an experienced Plastic surgeon / Dermatologist. Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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