Radiesse or Juvederm for Under Eye Hollows?

I have under eye hollowness and would like to know which non-surgical procedure would be the best. Is it Radiesse, Juvederm, or something else? How much would it cost? Thank you.

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Which filler for under eye hollows?

The newest kid on the block, Belotero, is my favorite under eye filler. It has some unique characteristics that make it a good option. 

  • It's soft and flows very well
  • It doesn't leave a visible blue discoloration even when placed very superficially
  • It's less water-loving and is less likely to create inadvertent swelling under the eyes

Radiesse is too thick and opaque white--not a good choice for thin skin.

Juvéderm flows well, but is very water-loving and may increase under eye swelling.

Restylane is still a very good option, and I like it when the under eye area is particularly deep and needs more volume and lift than Belotero is likely to give.

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Eye Lid Hollows

The hollow area under your eyes, the tear trough, has a number of cause s. It is important to identify the cause(s) before jumping into a cure! The muscle which aids in closing the eye is attached to the facial bone at the tear trough and causes a depression which can become worse if fat from inside the eye pushes (herniates) outward and becomes more prominent as te lower eyelid skin becomes lax or loose and hangs over the area. Both of the above causes lead to shadowing and that tired look.

Fillers "plump" the tissues and minimizes (temporarily) the shadowing...however the skin and muscle are thin and can bruise easily. Also, filler applied too close to the skin can be seen as a blue streak, similar to a long-standing bruise.

Filler use in this area, as far as I know, is "off- label" and is not FDA approved currently.

In skilled hands and with experience, fillers in this area work great. Ask your Board certified Plastic Surgeon, what other fillers (other than the hyaluronic acid fillers you list) may also work in this area and might leave less prolonged blue streaking.

I hope this helps!

Good Luck!

Dr. C

John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS
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Placement for Dermal Fillers under eyes is deep

Correction of the under eye hollowness, also called the tear trough area, can be achieved with submuscular injection of Juvederm or Radiesse. This is a great minimally invasive procedure to provide temporary correction of this problem as long as it is placed at the correct depth. It can last up to a year. Other options include permanant implants or fat grafting. The Juvederm injections cost around $500-600.

Christopher J. Ewart, MD
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Radiesse too thick for under the eye

Radiesse is made from tiny calcium spheres and is too thick to be placed superficially under the thin eyelid skin. It would be palpable and visible. Juvederm or Restylane would be a better choice.

Good Luck!

Jeffrey Horowitz, MD
Bel Air Plastic Surgeon
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