Radiesse After Success with Juvederm?

If I get good results from using Juvederm for the tear troughs, could I then use Radiesse to get longer results the next time? What do you think?

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Radiesse Under the Eye Lids, Like Amy Winehouse I Say "No, No, No!"

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Hi Pretty Witty,

Restylane is the preferred injectable filler of choice under the eye lids for hollowness. Juvederm is also popular, but sometimes swells a little too much. Both of these hyaluronic fillers have the advantage of possibly being diminished by using hyaluronidase injections if needed.

Radiesse is not dissolvable if there is a problem. You will not only have longer results (if all goes well), but you will have much longer complications and nightmares if there is a problem.

The lower lid area is very delicate and requires the skill, experience, and training of your injecting physician. Choose your physician carefully, and I would advise staying away from those willing to inject Radiesse in the lower eye lid.

Good luck and be well.


Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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I would stick with HA fillers for the tear trough

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I think that HA's are best for the tear trough area. Their longevity there should be about a year. Although Radiesse is shunned by many in this area, it can be done by a skilled injector without issues. By the way, my favorite for this area is Restylane. The key to this area is to inject conservatively.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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