Jowls and Asymmetry After Radiesse

It now looks like I have jowls and one side of my face is different from the other after Radiesse. If this is indeed swelling, should it have begun receding since it has been 48 hours after the procedure? Nothing has changed since the injection. I am desperate since I have to travel for work next week.

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May still be swelling-use heat

Radiesse is great for filling in the depression between the jowls and the chin. However, the unique thing about Radiesse is that it is injected very deeply, near the bone. Because of this I think there tends to be more swelling and bruising that lasts longer than with the more superficial hyaluronic fillers.

Use warm compresses to increase the blood flow to help the edema resolve faster. It should settle down quick enough.

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Radiesse Sculpting Takes More Than Just Injecting the Product

Hi Cathleen,

It is not the Radiesse that is causing your problems, but either your injector or swelling from a hematoma. Injecting fillers to shape the face requires that the injector have an eye for what looks good on each individual face.

Anyone can their hands on "product (Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm)", but it takes an artist's sense of sculpting, and a surgeon's knowledge of anatomy to get the "liquid facelift" right. The result should look natural. It is not necessary to inject until patient's scare animals and small children.

That having been said, if you trust your injector's sense of beauty, aesthetics, and skill, return to the office for evaluation and likely more filler to even things out. If not then choose your next injecting physician carefully. If it is from a hematoma, then use hot compresses.

Hope your trip is safe, and that you are happy with how your look.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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