Can Radiesse Aggravate Joint Pain, Fatigue Symptoms and Allergies?

Does the Radiesse treatment have any bad allergic reactions or side effects to a patient who suffers from joint pain, fatigue, sun hypersensitivity and food allergies?

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Radiesse is not known to cause pain, fatigue and allergies?

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These are not known side effects of Radiesse. Please ensure you are discussing these ailments with your provider. Make sure that the doctor is Board Certified.


Nothing to support Radiesse aggravatng joint pain, fatigue symptoms and allergies

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Sorry that you suffer from joint pain, fatigue, sun hypersensitivity and food allergies. I hope that you are working with you doctor to diagnose and treat these troubles.

I am unaware of anything in the medical literature that connects Radiesse with any of these things that you describe. I have also not seen this clinically in my practice. That being said, please be cautious before any procedure. Make sure your injector is experienced.

Side Effects of Radiesse

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I have never seen nor heard of any of these  side effects from Radiesse.  I also have not seen allergic reactions to this filler.  I think you would be safe using it despite your concerns.

Janet M. Neigel, MD
Florham Park Oculoplastic Surgeon
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