Correcting Radiesse Underfill?

I recently had Radiesse injections in my cheeks. Now, three weeks later, it appears that the right cheek is indented and not quite as full as the left cheek. I will not go back to the original doctor that did the injections as I feel that she is less than qualified to perform any cosmetic augmentations.

I am wondering, when correcting an underfill, do I have to purchase an entire syringe of Radiesse, or is it possible to only pay for exactly what is needed to correct the problem? I would think that the company that manufactures Radiesse would want happy customers and would accomodate such a request. Thanks.

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Correcting Radiesse

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Radiesse is a wonderful treatment for the cheek area.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get a perfectly symmetrical result after one treatment because swelling can set in AND most people are not perfectly symmetrical to begin with. Once the radiesse settles and the swelling subsides it is nice to go in for a followup treatment to check on the previous results do any touch ups that might be necessary.  The uneven nature of your treatment is probably not as noticeable as you fear, but I can't say that without seeing pics. Generally speaking you have to buy an entire syringe if you want to add more product.  However, if you used a 1.5 syringe for the inital treatment then you might be able to get away with a .8 this next time.  As with all aesthetic treatments, the results are not guarateed.  There is not an exact science to fillers, although most trained and experience injectors are pretty good at using these products.  I would encourage you to talk with the person who initially injected your filler and express your concerns.  They might work with you to get the results you were hoping for.

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