I Had Radiesse Injections in my Cheeks About 5 Weeks Through Temple. Causing Headaches, What Can I Do?

The Dr used a long needle and entered thru the temple to the cheeks. I expressed concern about going thru the temple but she said not to worry it would be fine. Well, it was not fine. I got an immediate headache and for the last 5 weeks have been having severe headaches,pressure in cheeks up left temple up over forehead and intense pressure in head. Have to sleep sitting up. Worst when I lye down. I've been on 2 course's of prednisone and still am having this problem.

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Radiesse Injection To The Cheek Through The Temple?

I am sorry to hear about your Radiesse experience. A Medrol dose pack is a good idea to attempt to reduce swelling and alleviate your problems. I access the cheeks directly from an anterior approach when using Radiesse to provide midface volume; this is a relatively straight forward approach, but is not without its own set of potential complications. Radiesse can cause a significant amount of localized swelling after it is injected, and I always find the amount of swelling is more than what I experience with any of the hyaluronic acid fillers; the swelling associated with Radiesse lasts longer as well.

The key to your problem at least partially lies with the location of the Radiesse product. Where it is located? What was the pathway used to access the cheek from the temporal region? Is it possible that an artery or nerve is being directly affected by the product or the localized swelling? Is the product deep to the deep temporal fascia and causing swelling within this restricted compartment? I know you probably don’t have the answer, but your physician should have a good idea where the product is located in relation to anatomic regions or important anatomic structures.

I have been happy with Radiesse to re-volumize the midface, and have had minimal problems with its use in this manner. I also have used Radiesse more superficially in many other areas of the lower two-thirds of the face, with almost no concerns. I have worked with Merz’s clinical trainers on multiple occasions and am not familiar with the injection technique you describe. Hopefully your doctor can provide more information for you.

Best wishes, Ken Dembny

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