Radiesse Injection Needle Hit Nerve

I just came home after radiesse injections in cheeks and nasal folds. The cheeks under the eyes were first-then when the Dr was injecting the needle in the creases, he hit a nerve. I felt it in my nose but he didn't seem too worried. But now that I'm home, from the eye down the entire side of my face is numb and when I blink, I feel the nerve constrict.Ice isn't helping. Am I going to have permanent nerve damage? I leave for vacation in 3 days. I had this procedure before with no problems at all. Help !

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Radiesse injections and numbness

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Without hitting the nerve with a needle, the nerve can get irritated by the pressure of the product being injected, and the nerve also can get numb for several hours from the anesthetic that might have been mixed with the Radiesse. Call your physician to be seen before your trip to get evaluated; you may be very happy shortly to see the symptoms resolve by themselves.

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Numbness of Cheek After Radiesse Injections

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Hi Fem,

Call your injecting physician with your symptoms and concerns.  Your physician best knows what was injected and what happened during the injections.  Usually the numbness goes away over time.  Again, your physician is best suited to tell you how long (it depends whether it is a local anesthetic effect or if your nerve was traumatized by the needle).  Enjoy your vacation.

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