Radiesse Injected into Nose, but Forehead is Swollen in Long Narrow Shape?

I had a non-surgical nose job using Radiesse. Doc 1st injected Lidocaine, then 0.8cc Radiesse into nose. Right after injection, my forehead had dime size swolleness right on top of my left eyebrow. After massage, dime size swolleness on top of left eyebrow is gone. Instead, my forehead is swollen right in the middle of forehead. Swollen shape is long narrow. Feels like vein inside that's swollen. Feels tender when I touch it. 12 hrs after, forehead turns yellow. What to do beside warm compress?

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Forehead Swelling after Radiesse

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One of the rare risks of filler injection is vascular occlusion or blockage which is due to filler being injected into or around a blood vessel and blocking the flow of blood in that vessel.  This is considered an emergency that needs to be treated immediately to prevent necrosis or loss of the skin and scarring.  You need to contact and see your provider immediately to be evaluated for this possibility.  I would not apply ice for now until you see your provider.  It is not possible to say for sure what is going on with your forehead but vascular occlusion needs to be ruled out immediately.

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Strange swelling after Radiesse

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At times, there can be vascular blockage from fillers. This is very uncommon, but it does happen. While I pray that you don't have this, my fear is that you might based on what you are describing. I would suggest returning to your injector asap just to assuage fears and determine if it could be a bruise, or if something more serious is occurring.

Forehead swelling after Radiesse injected into nose

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It's not at all unusual to get some swelling after a Radiesse injection and sometimes the swelling will be in an adjacent area, as with your forehead being swollen after the injection into your nose.  The yellowish color is a form of bruising.  I would try using ice instead of warm compresses.  It should improve within a few days.  I would also contact your treating physician to inform them of your problem.  

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Radiesse Injected into Nose, but Forehead is Swollen in Long Narrow Shape?

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In general, swelling is common after injections of any kind, including fillers, and particularly with Radiesse.  However, you also have to make sure you're not having a complication of the injection, including some that can be serious and have permanent consequences.  You need to be seen by your plastic surgeon as soon as you can reasonably arrange that (this is NOT something to be left for online consultants to address).  While everything is hopefully fine, I cannot completely rule out the possibility of compromise of the skin, including vascular occlusion.  You may need to have something drained if there is truly a backup of fluid or filler material.  For other problems there may not be a more immediate solution.

Either way, though, you need to be seen by your PS.

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