Can Lumps Appear on Sides of Cheekbones 6 Months After Radiesse?

Since a few days i have little lumps on both sides of my cheekbones,where the radiesse was injected, they are the size of mosquito stings but aren't, there is no "sting" visible and no itching or any other feeling, only visible. Can it be a side effect of the radiesse after 6 months?

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Lumps on cheek bones 6 months after Radiesse

Radiesse is a rather  inert inorganic chemical (Calcium Hydroxyapatite).

It is most likely that you still havea lot of the Radiesse still in your tissues, but extremely unlikely that it would cause the spots that you mentioned.

If the spots persist more than a few weeks,  I recommend that you see a Board Certified Dermatologist who will take a small  punch  biopsy to clarify the matter.

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