I Had Radiesse Injected in my Nasal Labial Folds Two Weeks Ago, Now Experiencing Swelling and Numbness. Why?

This morning I woke up and my left bottom lip is completely swollen and numb. The radiesse on the left side of my face seems diminished. The numbness I am feeling is very similar to what I experienced directly after the injection as a numbing solution was also injected. Is it possible that the Radiesse has moved? I've had this procedure done twice before without any problems.

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Numbness 2 Weeks after Radiesse Injection

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This is an unusual course after Radiesse so you should speak to and probably be seen by your physician.  Radiesse is typically associated with some initial swelling which lasts for a few days and then subsides and then, starting at about two weeks or so, the collagen formation it generally stimulates begins to become apparent.  New numbness, however, is not typical.  It's unlikely that the Radiesse "moved" on its own so you should speak with your physician.

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