Radiesse Injected 12hrs Ago in Lips And Their Shape Is Awful, Is It Swelling? (photo)

I've used Juvederm multiple times up to 2yrs ago. But needed upper lip filled in at the corners. I used a diffrent doctor than previousy. I was unaware until AFTER that Radiesse was used. When I smile I look like "the joker". I understand she filled along the outter lip line from corner to half up my lip. The area above my upper lip looks filled more than the lip or corners. Could this be swelling? I have 2 bruises on each side right above the corners. I'm concerned about lumps. It's been 12hrs.

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Swelling after Radiesse.

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This may absolutely be swelling. It may take two weeks to fully settle down. While I don't recommend Radiesse in the lips, please give it  some time to settle down.   From your photos I think you will look great once the swelling subsides.   

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