Initial Radiesse Injection to the Nose Longevity?

Does Radiesse still last a year even if only an initial injection was done? I posted a picture here asking if I should get another Radiesse injection to conceal my dorsal hump. The answers convinced me to have a rhinoplasty which I will get early next month.

Although my nose looks like it did before the Radiesse, I'm afraid it has only been 8 months and that would affect my rhinoplasty. I don't want to wait any longer because I'm looking for a job and don't want to ask for time off. I never got the touch ups. I only got one injection to the top and bottom of the hump. Is rhinoplasty okay?

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Your PLASTIC SURGEON can examine you and will be able to tell if there is a lot of Radiesse. Radiesse stays fromm 9 months to one year.

Your surgeon need to be comfortable.

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Initial Radiesse injection to the nose longevity?

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Hi CC,

Again, this a question best answered by the rhinoplasty surgeon that you have hopefully chosen most carefully to perform your surgery. Only after examining and palpating your nose can your question be answered. As Radiesse is said to last from 12 to 18 months, there is still likely product in your nose. Only your surgeon can determine if it would affect your surgery. Bring photos of your nose before the Radiesse injections. You should be able to get those from the physician who injected the Radiesse.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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