Radiesse in Las Vegas for Chin, Cheeks, and Nose? (photo)

I am looking for a doc in Las Vegas who specializes in radiesse for the chin and cheek area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Radiesse in Las Vegas for Chin, Cheeks, and Nose

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I do Radiesse, but I don't recommend it for first time filler patients. There is no undoing the product, only time, and in some areas it is simply not the right choice because it's not as soft as other fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. I am in Las Vegas and have lots of experience with fillers. I do them in my office every day and I'm the only injector in my office. You can see me for a free consultation to discuss your needs if you would like.

Radiesse in Las Vegas for Chin, Cheeks, and Nose?

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        Radiesse can be used well in the cheeks and the chin, particularly if placed deeply for augmentation purposes.  It would be hard to recommend Radiesse for the nose, but an exam with discussion of goals would be paramount.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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