What Are the Immediate Effects of Radiesse?

I just had Radiesse on my smile lines and the between my brows. The doctor furrowed it up on either side of the line between my nose, and one side of my face by the smile lines is swollen. Is this normal? The doctor says yes, but I am worried.

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Radiesse-What to Expect Immediately

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Immediately following Radiesse injections, most people will experience some swelling and can develop bruising. It is difficult to immediately assses what the final product will look like. In fact, the swelling can even last for up to a week (and sometimes can look uneven). I typically tell my patients to wait out the week and then I have them come in to re-assess if needed. I would recommend for you to give it some time and to call your provider to see what he or she would like for you to do.

Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

Immediate Radiesse Results

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It is normal to have a little assymetry and swelling after Radiesse. It is also normal to have a little mild redness to the skin. It will almost certainly resolve within 4-5 days. The redness sometimes takes a couple of weeks however. If you can see a discrete area that appears to be too full you can place a finger inside your lip and one outside and massage the material out a little. It may be best to however to allow your physician to assess this and do it for you. Hopefully with this reassurance you will be able to have a little more trust in you doctor.

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