Hydroxyapatite Filler Vs Radiesse

What is hydroxyapatite? I researched and it is associated with Radiesse, etc.; but Radiesse isn't permanent. And then some other sites say it's permanent. The surgeon told me that this hydroxyapatite is permanent and he is required to make a small incision at the insertion site under a light anesthetic or conscious sedation. So this is not Radiesse? Thanks!

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Many different kinds of hydroxyapatite

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Hydroxyapatite composes 70% of the bone in our bodies. In our bodies it is in the bone marrow and is used by the body to stimulate and thus create actual bone. It is also synthesized from sea coral to be used as implants.

The most common form is hyproxyapatite paste. Usually this is mixed with other bone stimulating proteins and used in orthopedic surgery as a graft when there is insufficient natural bone available, for example in a fracture where there is bone missing.

It can also be found in a solid form. This form is a sterilized graft from sea coral that can be shaped and placed into the body. The graft is porous and allows blood vessels and soft tissues to grow into it. It becomes part of the body. Plastic surgeons occasionally use this for facial grafting when there is deficient bone or for cheek augmentation.

Radiesse is a dissolved form of hydroxyapatite. Because it is not the porous kind it is not permanent as it does not get the in-growth of blood vessels.

Radiesse is considered "semi-permanent"

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Radiesse, composed of calcium hydroxyapatite in a gel base typically lasts 12-18 months. The material itself can, however, stimulate collagen production, to produce an even longer-lasting effect. Your surgeon is probably talking about a solid implant (not Radiesse) that would require an incision.

Hope this helps.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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