Hard Radiesse Lumps in the Sinuses

The Radiesse went into my sinuses from the sides of my nose during filling of my nasolabial folds, and it formed a hard, lima bean-sized lump there. I went back to show them this and all I got was "give it a year." What can be done about this?

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Doubt that the Radiesse actually went into your sinuses!

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Instead it sounds as if some of the Radiesse has drifted laterally into the medial cheek area adjeacent to the naso-labial folds. Depending on how long ago the injection was administered it is also possible that you are feeling some fibrosed blood or deep bruising. Unfortunately there is no antidote for Radiesse like there is for the other injectable fillers. So I believe that your surgeon is correct is recommending conservative treatment at this time. Be very careful if someone is recommending steroid injection as permanent dimpling might occur.

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