Can Radiesse Give Me More Symmetry to the Face? (photo)

Dear ladies and gentleman, My problem is actually my asymmetric face, caused by my left cheek area, which is siginificantly more adipose than my right cheek site (pls. refer to the images). I already had jaw reduction by using botulinum toxin (10 days ago) and I have had hyularonic acid for cheek augmentation (2 month ago). Can radiesse help me to reshape the left cheek area so that I gets more symmetric with the right site and thus give me more symmetry to the face? Thank you very much!

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Can Radiesse Give Me More Symmetry to the Face?

Frontal views, of the face, are the best at evaluating the cheeks.  Slight asymmetries of the facial features, including the cheeks, are common and not a reason for fillers or other treatments.  Be sure that you see an MD or a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty.  

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Facial Asymmetry

It is difficult to say without a better evaluation of your face with multiple photo views or in person.  Having said that, some asymmetry between both sides of the face is normal.  There are ways to achieve more symmetry to the face that are longer lasting than Radiesse or hyaluronics and that have yielded great results.

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