Can I Have Radiesse for Hollows Due to Tooth Loss?

I am a 36 yr old Female. I had 3 upper molars extracted on my upper jaw 5 yrs ago and due to this I have a deep hollow on the left side of my face. It is in the submalar region of my cheek. Would it be possible for me to have Radiesse injected into the hollow to replace volume loss. Would it take alot of syryinges of Radiesse to make the left side symetric to my right side where there is no hollow? I have saw pictures of people that had fillers for volume loss from various diseases

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Radiesse injections to the soft tissue of the lower face

Radiesse can be used in the lower face and jawline areas as a suitable volume filler in the cheeks and soft tissue. Surgery90210

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Radiesse for Cheek Hollowing


It is hard to tell you how much Radiesse you would need to make you symetrical.  But to answer your other quesiton, yes, Radiesse is a great product for volumization in cheek hollowing.  Something else that is a little more long term to consider is Scuptra injections.  Or going to the dentist and replacing those 3 molars. 


Hope this helps.  Good luck.


Dr. Grant Stevens

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Can I Have Radiesse for Hollows Due to Tooth Loss?

 Photos would aid in the evaluation but yes, fillers to shape the face could be used to build up hollows in the cheeks.  I prefer Perlane because it has far less bruising and swelling that Radiesse for this purpose.  

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