Can Radiesse Be Fixed? (photo)

I had radiesse injection in my nose due to my assymetrical bridge when i had my rhinoplasty. After the injection my nose is really swollen but the area that he said he injected the radiesse is stickin out of my nose line? I think he put too much radiesse on that particular area now my nose looked wider just in the middle. When i touched it, it doesnt feel tender at all. Still a little bit of pain on the side but hard. It could be the radiesse leaked? Please help

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Radiesse can be fixed by diluting it with saline. The injection is placed in the area and it slowly dilutes it by breaking it into smaller particles with each injection session. I perform the sessions a month apart. 

I hope that this helps.

 This is the way that the company has recommended in the past to help these cases. 

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Radiesse injections to the nose - Expert in Los Angeles

Radiesse may take longer for the injection to resolve.  Discuss the options with your surgeon to see if part of the problem is related to swelling. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Can Radiesse Be Fixed?

     Radiesse will take 9 months to 2 years to go away completely depending upon location of injection, amount of injection, and individual clearance.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Can Radiesse Be Fixed?

The bad news is that Radiesse, in and of itself, cannot be "fixed" the way a HA can with hyaluronidase.  The good news is that is should diminish and eventually abate on its own, although that process can take up to 18 months (normally an advantage).  You should follow up with your PS on a regular basis as this takes its course.


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Correcting Radiesse

Time is your best friend. It will dissolve over a period of 6 to 18 months. Other methods which are not usually recommended unless gross deformity is obvious, are small incision and removing the product (may have a scar), breaking it to smaller particles with a needle and dilution with saline or Novocain.


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Radiesse in the bridge of the nose

It will take time and it will resorb/go away on its own. Sometimes 8 months or more. Be patient.

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Can Radiesse be fixed?

Radiesse cannot be dissolved. Only time helps. I am unsure when you had the procedure or the surgery, but it appears to be rather recent. So, don't press on the area or touch it much, leave it alone and let any associated swelling and bruising dissipate. Things may just look better with a bit of time. If there is too much, it will go away, but it will take months to do so.

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Can Radiesse be fixed?

There is not a way to dissolve Radiesse once it is injected.  Sometimes, additional Radiesse can be placed if some asymmetry exists.  If it is just an issue with too much being placed, it will go down with some time.  The Radiesse will not leak.  So, it should stay where it was injected.  

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