Radiesse Disaster 14 Months Post Op, How To Dissolve New Collagen in Nose Tip?

Hello all, In October of 2010, I went to a dermatologist for a non-surgical nosejob (i.e. Radiesse in my nose). He ignored all of my instructions and emptied out a full syringe of Radiesse into the tip of my nose, making it bulbous and unattractive. Now, 14 months later, the results of his "work" are reduced but not completely. I am wondering if what is left in my nose is new collagen my body has produced. If so, is there a way to dissolve or degrade the collagen?

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Radiesse Disaster 14 Months after Injection in Nasal Tip

Unfortunately, non-surgical rhinoplasty  has become very popular. In a few cases this approach is effective, but should be done only by a rhinoplasty specialist who understands nasal anatomy and the risks and limitations of this technique. I suggest you continue to be patient because I frequently see the effects of Radiesse in the face last 18-24 months. Avoid surgery if possible because there is a risk of skin changes secondary to compromised circulation. If you still have problems after another 10-12 months see a surgeon who will examine you and explain what can be done.

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Radiesse Disaster 14 Months Post Op, How To Dissolve New Collagen in Nose Tip?

Yikes, sorry to hear that.  IMHO, all the Radiesse will eventually go away on its own and I'd give it another 4 months or so.  Experience and Aesthetic judgment are the two most importnat things to seek when having Rhinoplasty (fillers or surgical) or any type of plastic and cosmetic surgery treatment or procedure.  

 If after 18 months, post Radiesse injection, the Radiesse is still there....an open Tip Plasty would be required to shape the nasal tip and remove any left over Radiesse.

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Radiesse in the nose

Non surgical rhinoplasty is a myth. One can correct minor defects, but can not achieve the surgical results.

I am not sure it is collagen that is remaining in the nose, it is most probably the filler. There is nothing that can disolve it. Surger might be an option depending on how deep or superficial the filler was put. Cosult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (American Board Of Plastic Surgery) for examination and recommendations

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Radiesse in the nose

The good news may be that it will require much more time for the full negative effects of the product to wear off.  Being that it sounds as if a large amount of product was used in a small area, it may require much longer than the expected duration to have complete resolution.

However, we would recommend getting a second opinion by an MD that specializes in issues like these to find out viable options.


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