Had Radiesse in my Cheeks a Week Ago, is it Normal to have Swelling and Numbness?

The swelling went down after a couple of days, and aside from some minor bruising left, I was happy with the results, BUT now after almost a week after treatment, I woke up with a swollen left cheek and slight numbness! I dont know if this is normal or if I'm having a reaction??

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Swelling after Radiesse

Swelling is expected after Radiesse immediately after treatment and for a few days, but if there was not much swelling initially and now there is a week later, especially with tenderness, redness, warmth it may be a sign of infection.  The numbness is not so easy to explain. Possibly there is considerable deep swelling which is applying pressure to the infraorbital sensory nerve making the area feel numb. You should see your doctor.

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Swelling a week after Radiesse to the cheeks.

 I have used Radiesse for facial shaping on many patients and IMHO, no this is not normal and the swelling at 1 week should be considered an infection until proven otherwise.  It might be the result of a deep bruise or small injection hematoma that's just showing up at this time.  You should be seen by the MD that did the Radiesse injections for evaluation and possible antibiotic treatment.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Increasing Cheek Swelling 1 Week after Radiesse Injections in Cheeks

It is not normal to have increasing swelling 1 week after Radiesse injections in the cheeks. My biggest concern would be a possible infection. See your physician ASAP.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Delayed Swelling and Numbness From Radiesse Injections

Bruising and swelling are typically seen for the first few days after Radiesse injections which usually resolves fairly quickly. The delayed onset of swelling and numbness in the injected area is not expected and is unusual. From your photograph the swelling looks to be significant. One obvious concern is the possibility of infection. This would especially be true if there is increased warmth, tenderness, and signs of inflammation developing. I think you should call your injection physician and ask to be seen right away.


Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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