Can Radiesse Change the Sharp Angle of the Jaw Line Behind the Earlobe?

I have heard that Radiesse can can give you a stronger more defined jawline but it cannot change the angle of your jawline the way jaw implants can is this true?

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The appearance of a well-defined, sharp angle of the jawline, as well as a straight jawline (free of jowls all the way from the angle to the tip of the chin) can contribute greatly to a more youthful appearance and, among experienced injectors, has become an important, if not an essential part of overall facial rectontouring and rejuvenation.

In the United States, Radiesse, or Radiesse combined with Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, if injected in the appropriate locations and amounts along the posterior angle of the jaw (under the ear) and in front of the ear can not only strengthen the angle of the jaw, but give the appropriate lift to the jawline itself to soften jowls.

In my private clinic in Israel, I prefer Stylage XXL or Juvederm Voluma (should be available in the U.S. within a year) for these purposes. Both products are quite robust for volumizing, recontouring, and reshaping of the face, but have the added advantage of being hyaluronic-acid based and hence dissolvable with hyaluronidase should the need arise. 

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Can Radiesse Change the Sharp Angle of the Jaw Line Behind the Earlobe?

 Absolutely Radiesse can be used to augment the jaw line, we do this all the time for men.  It requires 3 of the 1.5 cc syringes placed in the appropriate aesthetic position to create a more angular, flared jaw line as shown in the video below.  The effects will last about 1 year and the best news is the Radiesse injections have none of the potential complications of using a jaw implant. The procedure takes about 10 minutes as is performed as an office visit.  We have patients that travel here to beverly Hills, from all over the world, for this procedure.  

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Radiesse on the Jawline

Radiesse is a great injectable and can sometimes be considered an injectable temporary implant.  Injections over the cheek bones and jawline are particularly effective with Radiesse.


Good Luck.

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