Radiesse While Breast Feeding?

My dermatologist has told me that this is safe while nursing. I know that the company says that you shouldn't use this product while pregnant or breast feeding; however, my doctor says that it is, in fact fine while breast feeding. My child is over a year old and I nurse her two times a day.

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Radiesse While Breast Feeding?

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Hi anon.  There is no study that can show that Radiesse is safe (or for that matter not safe) for breastfeeding women because it has not been studied.  It will likely not be studied because it is a cosmetic, and therefore medically unnecessary, procedure. a prudent physican will advise you to wait to have the procedure until you are done breastfeeding.  

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Elective fillers can be postponed until after breast feeding is completed

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There is not one test that I can quote on the safety of injecting these fillers when a patient receiving them is breast feeding. It is always more prudent to avoid these elective cosmetic procedures when pregnant or breast feeding.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Radiesse while breast feeding

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Follow the parent companies advise for medical/legal reasons. It is a "what if" issue. So just be careful.

From MIAMI Dr. B - best of luck in the future with the new baby.

Radiesse while nursing

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In reality, there is likely very little that would pose any potential problem. However, given the medicolegal environment and the printed instructions, it is generally not the standard.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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